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Solutions for Remote Network Monitoring & IT Management, Automated Systems Management, and On-Site Network & Support

Our dedicated team of highly experienced, certified technical professionals understand your IT challenges and provide proactive monitoring and support.

AllStar Guru IT Management Services include:

  • On-Site Network & Support

Through real-time system monitoring, our Network Operations Center receives

24×7 alerts for issue validation and remediation.

  • Remote Network Monitoring & Management

One of the benefits of managed IT services: saving time by solving

problems from your office, not theirs. AllStar GURU Remote Management

and Monitoring (RMM) allows us to monitor every workstation

and server from a single dashboard remotely. Also, with our automated

checks and notifications, you’ll know about problems in customer networks

early so you can solve them quickly.

From a single dashboard, you can monitor and control:

Network & IP MonitoringWindows, MAC and OS UpdatesVMware
 Logged in usersActive DirectoryMobile Devices 

  • Automated Systems Management

With regular, automatic maintenance of systems behind the scenes,

we help reduce the need for traditional on-site or break-fix support.

We view these relationships as true partnerships. We are all in this together. So we are dedicated to ensuring you win with IT.

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