IT Project Services and Infrastructure Services

Our IT Project Services team will go over your expectations and goals and manage logistics and execute the project. If you don’t have the right people to deliver what your business needs, now or in the future? We can help with that. You need to align and transform your IT and business processes but can’t do this in-house? We’re experts in outsourcing and transformation.

Information Technology Projects that AllStar Guru can Handle for You

Office 365 Migration & Deployments

Moving to Office 365 is complicated. That’s why we work with businesses using a tested process to make sure your migration is successful. We can also work with your team to train them on the new tool to get the most out of your investment.

Office Relocations

Just like equipment changes and software updates, office relocations are significant undertakings. An outside organization can successfully transition your business equipment between locations in a shorter period than your in-house IT department can manage. Be sure to choose a partner who will disconnect, move, reconnect, and test all your equipment to get your team back up and running in their new location quickly and efficiently.

Voice and Data Cabling/Structured Cabling Infrastructure

Technology changes at a rapid pace, so it’s important to know that your business hasn’t become outdated. Structured cabling allows you to expand your system faster by combining your voice and data networks for reduced routine maintenance.

Vendor Selection and Management

Can you stay objective when you’re picking out the right tech products from the right vendors? Most IT managers, CIOs, and CTOs have some bias toward particular systems. This built-in preference doesn’t allow them to be open to new cutting-edge products. A neutral third party that specializes in tech can provide objective advice about specific products and vendors. Once you choose vendors, why not employ someone to help you manage the details of all your contracts, including software updates, warranties, and other contractual requirements?

IT Compliance

No one likes to think about compliance, but it’s nonetheless important. Externally, you want your business to abide by product licenses and prevent licensing violations and fines. Internally, you want to have a protocol to protect employee computers and networks from threats. Compliance is too substantial to trust to anyone but an expert.

Information Security

Are you 100% confident that your data is secure? Are your employees trained on best practices to protect critical data? What is your plan for if/when a security breach happens?

Most companies wait until after a disaster to create a plan for security. They assume they can get by with what they have. Our team can help you craft a custom network security plan to prevent a disaster from occurring in the first place.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

AllStar GURU partners with an industry-leading data backup and disaster recovery vendor to provide the best solution for onsite managed data backups, remote cloud backups, and virtual private cloud.

We also regularly help our client perform vulnerability and security assessments to ensure their data is secure and backed up properly on a regular basis.

Network Design, Migrations & Upgrades

Network planning, from server design to maintenance, requires detail-oriented focus and collaboration from a dedicated, professional team. You do not want to hand over your network to IT professionals who don’t have experience planning and managing a system. The negative results could permanently impact your business. As importantly, an outside resource can help you to identify gaps in your infrastructure that you may not have even known.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud services hosted on a server on the internet and not in your office. In a managed service arrangement, the managed service provider retains responsibility for the functionality of the IT service and equipment, and the customer typically pays a monthly fee for receipt of the service.

As a rule of thumb and general best practice, we usually recommend a hybrid on-premise and cloud solution to allow you access to your critical data in a way that is both secure and convenient.

We can work with you to craft a custom solution to fit the specific needs of your organization.

Help Desk Support

AllStar Guru provides help desk services. You can use us to be the first point of contact for your employees and customers to handle technical issues, resolve problems, and escalate those problems that our Help Desk cannot solve.

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