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Complete IT Services, Layered Security That Keeps Businesses Safe


Does your business need managed security services? AllStar.Guru offers protection for your business from potential internal and external security threats. We have a variety of information security services for businesses of all sizes.

Threats to your business can come from both external attackers and internal sources. Secure your business by executing a comprehensive layered security strategy that uses the right tools to keep you safe. The AllStar.Guru MSP platform offers the most comprehensive IT security solution on the market today, giving you the best in proactive, detective, and reactive security.

Proactive Security

The best defense is to prevent breaches altogether. AllStar.GURU MSP helps you do this with:

  • Web Protection that safeguards users from visiting malicious websites.
  • Patch Management for 40+ Microsoft and 80+ third-party application families, which helps close known exploits in those programs (including in Office 365).
  • Mail Security stops incoming email threats including malware attachments, phishing, ransomware, and spam.
  • Risk Intelligence scans your network in real time for three kinds of threats—sensitive data, vulnerabilities, and inappropriate access permissions.

Detective Security

Of course, prevention plays only one part—when potential threats do crop up, you have to catch them immediately. We have you covered on that front, too, with:

  • Managed Antivirus that gives you rock solid malware protection.
  • Failed Login Checks and rules to keep hackers from brute forcing their way into your systems.
  • Active Device Discovery to let you catch rogue devices before they cause harm.

Reactive Security

With solid proactive and detective security measures, you’ll shut down most threats, but some will still slip through the cracks. To round out your security strategy, you need the ability to quickly recover systems to a safe state following a successful threat.

  • Backup and Recovery that gets you back up and running quickly after a disaster.
  • Local Backup that helps you restore even during an internet service disruption.
  • Hybrid Cloud Recovery that provides on- and off-site data storage

Please call (888) 245-2818 and schedule your IT security services assessment, and we’ll help you develop a plan to defend your technology.

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